Opportunities and Challenges

Web3 consumers are hunting
"in the dark"

Where is the guiding light to help users find their way?



Isolated communities

Numerous platforms

Not easily accessible

All-In-One Engine

Discover, Research and Dispatch

Consumers spend less time to do more with confidence

Core Technology

In-house AI+DT Development & Research

We are comprehensive, knowledgable and transparent

The Largest Index for Digital Assets

We do real-time indexing from the blockchain and web. Our cutting-edge system and reliable partners allow you to find newly created and high-performing assets within seconds, all in one place.

Dedicated AI Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art Sequential Learning to discover and research digital assets, you enjoy the unmatched efficiency and effectiveness of AI, including CM1, TBGN, GAI*, SAICL*, and GPT.

A Trustworthy User Experience

We whitebox our data and algorithms, allowing you to effortlessly comprehend how MinMax algorithms work and make informed decisions with ease.

Dream team

A Great Team Is The Key

MinMax is {AI} technology driven and {Consumer} product focused. Our talented team has extensive experience in the field, enabling us to innovate new ways for consumers to discover digital assets. We make web3 accessible for all.


Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CTO


Communications Officer


Product Manager

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