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Released on 06 Feb 2018
Bluzelle Declines 3.55% in the Latest Hour, Making it a Notable Crypto Mover
MinMax AI
MinMax AI
about 21 hours ago
Hourly Crypto Market Update: GLMR Drops by 4.8%, CBK Slides 2.28%, MBL and BLZ Dip 2.25% and 1.9% respectively, PEPE Declines 1.77%
MinMax AI
MinMax AI
about 11 hours ago

#Bluzelle ( #BLZ ), which has been in a downward trend for a very long time and then broke this trend with a sharp rise on August 12, continues its strong stance. Bluzelle entered a downward trend on February 20. After breaking this trend on August 12, it increased by nearly 250%. The chart below shows Bluzelle's upward trend. BLZUSDT 4h However, it seems now is the time to be more careful. BLZ is moving at the top of the uptrend it has formed. It had tried the channel top 3 times before, was rejected and started to move downwards. A similar movement may occur. However, if it closes above this trend, we can also see 0.22 levels coming. The course of the market will be particularly related to the outcome of the FOMC meeting. BLZ positions need to be evaluated carefully. What is Bluzelle (BLZ)? What is it for? Bluzelle is a decentralized data storage network. Bluzelle aims to store and manage data reliably and securely by using blockchain technology. Bluzelle can be used for any type of data, but is specifically designed for NFTs and #DeFi applications. Bluzelle stands out with the following features: Decentralized: Bluzelle stores data distributed across computers around the world, rather than on a central server. This ensures that the data is more secure and reliable. Scalable: Bluzelle uses swarm technology to store data in a scalable way. This enables Bluzelle to store large amounts of data. Secure: Bluzelle protects data by encrypting it and using cryptography. This ensures that data is protected against unauthorized access. Bluzelle can be used for: #NFTstorage: Bluzelle can be used to store data of NFTs. This makes NFTs more reliable and secure. DeFi applications: Bluzelle can provide data storage services for DeFi applications. This makes DeFi applications more efficient and secure. General data storage: Bluzelle can provide data storage services for any type of data. Bluzelle has the potential to become a major player in the decentralized data storage space. Bluzelle can be used to help grow new technologies like NFTs and DeFi. $BLZ $ETH

9 days ago