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Blast Frontiers(BLAST)



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Released on 31 May 2023
Crypto Kove
Crypto Kove
BLAST L2 Airdrop: How to get BLAST invite?
3 days ago

"BLAST ecological project recommendation and hair care series" Looking at Blast’s pledged TVL today, it has reached 1.9 billion US dollars. Brother Lion asked everyone to participate from the first day of staking, because as an early Blur user, I know very well how creative @PacmanBlur Tiezhu is in breaking existing rules. @Blast_L2 It only took 3 months for the model to be questioned and Fud at the beginning, then plagiarized and sought after, and now it has become a hot spot in the sector. Although I haven’t seen the final result yet, Brother Lion believes that the friends who followed me into Blast will definitely make a lot of money. Not only will they get a profit of nearly doubling the price of ETH (Blur is also close to doubling), but there will also be huge profits. Put the Blast airdrop. A large number of Blast projects have been launched now, and there is a mixed bag among them. There are a large number of projects airdropped in order to attract Blast developers. Of course, some phishing projects cannot be ruled out. Next, I will first recommend a few projects that are relatively reliable and have been officially forwarded and are worthy of interaction. "Let me advertise: Blast TVL has skyrocketed recently, with an increase of 50 million almost every day. It's too late to get on the train now. Friends who are not ready to play can use my permanent invitation link: The basic gameplay and novice tutorials are here, I will update them at any time:” Project recommendation 1: I have recommended the DEX @BlasterSwap to everyone before. Since I recommended it, their number of fans has increased by 300,000. It is already the most popular DEX. Everyone must sign with a wallet that has participated in Blast. Portal: Project recommendation 2: The native NFT platform @wen_exchange on Blast only requires signatures and no authorization. It needs to be bound to Twitter and DC. The score is positively related to the amount of ETH you have cross-chain. It is the early bird period now, so it is worth getting a score. Portal: Project recommendation 3: The combination of Socialfi+Gamefi, @DeGameX. Mingpai 100% Blast airdrop, the page UI is pretty good, mainly because it does not require authorization, the popularity is pretty good, now you can click to transfer points after binding. Portal: Some of them have been invested by well-known VCs, or the teams are strong players in other chains. I will analyze these in detail later. #BLAST#撸毛

6 days ago