XRP Ledger Achieves Major Milestone: Details


19 Nov 2023 10:03 AM

XRP Ledger hits new utility milestone...

  • XRP Ledger has closed its 84 millionth ledger, marking a significant milestone for the Layer 1 platform.
  • Within six weeks, XRP Ledger garnered 1 million ledger transactions.
  • Two new XLS specs were released for XRP Ledger: "XLS-49d: Multiple Signer Lists" and "0051 XLS-51d: NFToken Escrows."
  • Over 80% of validators supported two amendments, "fixNFTokenRemint" and "fixReducedOffersV1," which are now in a two-week countdown period.
  • The EVM sidechain and XLS 38 bridge have passed a security audit.

The article highlights positive developments and milestones for XRP Ledger, indicating a positive sentiment.

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