XRP Holders' Lawyer Teases Incoming 'Big Announcement'


19 Sep 2023 10:14 AM

Crypto lawyer stirs community curiosity with potential 'big announcement'...

  • XRP holders' lawyer John Deaton has teased a "Big Announcement" to be made later.
  • The announcement is dependent on certain conditions.
  • Deaton is involved in the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple Labs Inc. and the SEC.
  • He represents XRP holders as well as customers of Coinbase and Binance involved in lawsuits against the SEC.
  • The community is speculating on the nature of the announcement, with some suggesting it could involve the SEC whistleblower Steven Nerayoff.
  • Deaton is seen as an authority in the industry for insights and analysis of high-profile cases.

The sentiment of the article is neutral, providing information about John Deaton's announcement and the speculation surrounding it.

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