XRP Holders Lawyer John Deaton Comments on Jay Clayton's Stance on Current Regulatory Regimen


29 Jun 2023 4:59 PM

John Deaton has some comments on a recent interview of Jay Clayton regarding the current regulatory approach of some US agencies....

  • John Deaton comments on Jay Clayton's recent interview regarding the regulatory approach of US agencies.
  • The lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC is highlighted, with the SEC being criticized for its predatory approach.
  • The SEC filed a lawsuit against Coinbase for dealing with unregistered securities, but XRP was not included in the list.
  • Regulatory organizations are adopting a stance of aggression towards cryptocurrencies.
  • Clayton's statement suggests a fundamental shift in the perception of the government's role.

The sentiment of the article is negative towards the SEC's regulatory approach, highlighting criticism and concerns about its actions.

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