XRP Holders Get Special Offer from Japanese IT Behemoth


19 Sep 2023 5:02 PM

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet's GMO Coin is rolling out a unique offer, offering airdrops of Songbird (SGB) tokens to eligible holders of XRP...

  • GMO Coin, the cryptocurrency exchange of Japanese giant GMO Internet, will be issuing airdrops of Songbird (SGB) tokens to holders of XRP in Japanese yen.
  • Eligible customers are those who held physical XRP in a GMO Coin account as of December 2, 2020, including customers using the company's crypto asset lending services.
  • The amount of the airdrop will be determined based on a snapshot of XRP holdings taken at the same time and converted to yen using a proprietary method.
  • Even if customers sell or send their XRP after the snapshot, they will still be eligible for the airdrop.
  • GMO Coin plans to deliver the funds to qualifying accounts by September 29.
  • GMO has been actively involved in the crypto space, including launching a crypto exchange, initiating a bitcoin mining operation (which was later shut down), and acquiring a stake in a crypto hedge fund.

The article provides information about GMO Coin's airdrop offer of Songbird tokens to XRP holders. The tone of the article appears to be neutral, providing factual information about the offer and GMO Coin's involvement in the crypto space.

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