XRP Bull Run Needs This Price Action, Here's Why


21 Nov 2023 1:05 PM

Despite lack of action on XRP, asset might be getting ready for bigger move in future...

  • The article analyzes the recent price action of XRP and suggests a need for a corrective phase before a sustained bull run.
  • The XRP/USDT chart shows a consolidation pattern after a significant spike, which could be a precursor to a healthy uptrend.
  • XRP's ability to establish and maintain a support level above critical moving averages is crucial for investor confidence and upward momentum.
  • XRP has struggled to reclaim its former glory compared to peers like Ethereum and Chainlink, possibly due to regulatory challenges and a less robust ecosystem.
  • XRP's current price action will determine its future direction, with a break above the moving averages confirming bullish sentiment and a break below fueling the bearish outlook.

The article presents a mixed sentiment. It acknowledges the potential for a healthy uptrend in XRP but also highlights the challenges and struggles the asset has faced.

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