Will the SEC Intervene in FTX’s Mission to Liquidate Assets?

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

21 Nov 2023 4:08 PM

Parrot Capital questioned crypto exchanges’ illegal activities, while Forbes’ Research Director criticized the SEC’s anti-crypto stance. Read more on CE....

  • Parrot Capital, a popular voice in the crypto space, has raised concerns about the illegal activities of crypto exchanges, including Kraken and FTX.
  • Parrot Capital accuses these exchanges of commingling customer funds and corporate funds, and warns users against investing in such platforms.
  • The SEC has been increasing its scrutiny of crypto companies, and there are suggestions of possible intervention in FTX liquidations.
  • FTX, after facing a debacle, has been granted court approval to liquidate its assets and has recovered a significant portion of the missing funds.

The sentiment in the article is mixed. Parrot Capital expresses concerns about illegal activities and fraud in the crypto space, while also criticizing users who still invest in such platforms. The SEC's actions are questioned and criticized by some members of the crypto community. However, there is also mention of FTX's recovery and court approval for liquidation, which suggests a positive development.

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