Will Ripple (XRP) Win Against the SEC? Popular Trader is Betting on It


19 Sep 2023 7:05 PM

KALEO thinks the SEC's "interlocutors appeal" will get rejected, triggering a price rally for XRP....

  • KALEO, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, believes that the SEC's appeal against Ripple will be rejected, leading to a price rally for XRP.
  • XRP's valuation has found solid support after dropping to pre-July levels and KALEO expects a price increase for XRP.
  • Ripple's native asset has experienced a 7% jump in the past week and some experts predict a bright future for it.
  • Shannon Thorp predicts XRP could hit $500 by 2027 based on expected cross-border payments value.
  • EGRAG CRYPTO envisions XRP's valuation rising to $2.8 to $7.
  • CryptoPotato released a video discussing XRP's performance during the next bull market.

The sentiment in the article is generally positive, with KALEO and other experts expressing optimism about XRP's future and potential price increase.

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