What Is Soroban? [Sponsored]

The Defiant
The Defiant

27 Jun 2023 3:55 PM

Soroban: Building DeFi on Stellar Highway ...

  • Stellar network has been working on access to financial infrastructure for 8 years
  • Soroban aims to address smart contract interoperability
  • Soroban boosts Stellar's capabilities as a borderless payments network
  • Soroban creates a new surface area for innovation for developers to create novel financial products and services
  • Soroban allows users to cash into DeFi without disrupting any of Stellar's features
  • Soroban is open-source, fostering trust in the wider community

The article has a positive sentiment towards Soroban and its potential to bring a more frictionless DeFi experience to the Stellar ecosystem. The article also highlights the benefits of Soroban being open-source and fostering trust in the wider community.

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