What Does Ripple (XRP) Need to Catch up to Ethereum?


16 Sep 2023 4:05 PM

There's been an interesting discussion around the things Ripple needs to begin catching up to Ethereum....

  • There is a discussion among XRP enthusiasts on Twitter about the future of Ripple and its support for XRP holders.
  • Some argue that Ripple is shifting its focus from cross-border payments with XRP to new use cases like institutional custody of digital assets, derivatives, CBDCs, and carbon credit markets.
  • It is suggested that relying solely on Ripple is not enough for the long-term prosperity of XRP.
  • Ripple recently expanded its liquidity hub to Brazil and Australia and acquired the crypto-focused financial institution Fortress Trust.
  • A blockchain analyst points out that there is a need for 100,000 active projects in the XRP ecosystem to catch up to Ethereum's development.
  • Another user argues that XRPL is not solely focused on smart contracts and different use cases will create different value.

The sentiment of the article seems to be a mix of positive and critical views towards Ripple and its future development.

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