What CRV whales on the move could mean amid this major development


29 Jun 2023 6:30 AM

Project Mariana is contemplating using Curve Finance’s Curve v2 HFMM to deploy wholesale CBDC pools. The project is a collaboration of central banks from multiple countries and it is currently exploring on-chain CBDC deployments....

  • Curve Finance might play a pivotal role in the deployment of wholesale CBDC pools through Project Mariana.
  • Whales have shown interest in Curve Finance's native token, CRV.
  • If Curve Finance becomes Project Mariana's official partner, there might be a surge in demand for CRV.
  • Recent data indicates significant interest from whales in CRV.
  • CRV has experienced sell pressure and a slowdown in demand, potentially due to profit-taking by whales.
  • Addresses holding over 100 million CRV control approximately 66% of the circulating supply.
  • Some top whale categories have reduced their holdings, contributing to price weakness.
  • CRV's volume and network growth have cooled down, indicating a lack of strong demand.

The sentiment of the article is mixed. It highlights the potential role of Curve Finance in CBDC deployment, but also mentions sell pressure and a lack of strong demand for CRV.

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