Web3 phone METAVERTU: Genesis Block’s 0th mobile machine in the blockchain


19 Sep 2023 6:00 AM

Pantera partner Paul Veradittakit, speaking at TOKEN 2049, emphasized the need for mobile accessibility in […]...

  • Pantera partner Paul Veradittakit emphasizes the importance of mobile accessibility in the global adoption of cryptocurrency products.
  • VERTU unveils its next-generation WEB3 phone, METAVERTU 2, at TOKEN 2049, aiming to redefine the mobile landscape.
  • A Web3 phone seamlessly integrates users into decentralized networks and blockchain technology.
  • VERTU excels in crafting Web3 phones, making blockchain and Web3 accessible to all.
  • The METAVERTU 2 features a decentralized operating system (DOS) for easy transition between Web2 and Web3 environments.
  • The device incorporates the I-DID protocol for enhanced security and privacy.
  • Hardware ZK simplifies blockchain verification using fingerprint scan technology.
  • The METAVERTU 2 introduces a Decentralized AI Agent (DAA) module for personalized user experiences.
  • VERTU is committed to advancing Web3 on mobile platforms and revolutionizing the Web3 landscape.
  • The official launch of METAVERTU 2 is scheduled for October, with pre-orders available online.

The article highlights the positive advancements in mobile accessibility and the integration of blockchain technology through VERTU's METAVERTU 2. The sentiment is overall optimistic and forward-looking.

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