Web3 Needs Paradigm Shift from “Users” to “Builders”

The Defiant
The Defiant

28 Jun 2023 1:00 PM

Crypto has a perception problem. A large number of people don’t know what cryptocurrencies and web3 are, or see crypto as complex and intimidating. In a recent global YouGov survey commissioned by Consensys (The Global Survey on Crypto and Web3), 43% of re......

  • A large number of people lack understanding of cryptocurrencies and web3.
  • 43% of respondents in a global survey didn't understand cryptocurrencies, and only 8% understood web3.
  • Misconceptions exist that participating in web3 requires financial trading or software engineering skills.
  • The focus on "money crypto" overshadows the broader tech crypto ecosystem.
  • Tech crypto is about advancing open peer-to-peer networks and building the Internet of tomorrow.
  • Negative perceptions of money crypto hinder the potential of web3 as a solution to problems with the current internet.
  • Education and community building are important for bridging the knowledge gap and supporting crypto adoption.
  • Web3 empowers individuals with control over their identities and fosters community formation.
  • Builders in web3 have greater agency, ownership, and potential for rewards.

The article highlights the perception problem surrounding cryptocurrencies and web3, emphasizing the need for better education and community building. It also presents the positive aspects of web3, such as empowering individuals and rewarding builders. Overall, the sentiment is optimistic about the potential of web3.

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