Harry Styles Concert App Takes Fans in More Than One Direction With Blockchain Rewards


30 Jun 2023 9:14 PM

At a recent concert, 5,000 of the pop star’s fans opened digital wallets through the EVNTZ app, paving the way for future blockchain-based rewards....

  • British pop star Harry Styles used the EVNTZ app for his concert at Slade Castle in Ireland.
  • The app allowed fans to open a digital wallet for future blockchain-based rewards.
  • 5,000 out of 80,000 fans claimed wallets through the app, with over 100,000 unique interactions.
  • The app provided services like transportation booking, social media posting, and merchandise access.
  • Future in-app rewards linked to fan engagement are planned.
  • The app aims to provide a seamless entry point into blockchain technology.
  • Co:Create, a Web3 infrastructure company, powered the app's experience via its API connected through Polygon.
  • The app plans to offer experiences for other artists in 2024.
  • Blockchain-based rewards and experiences can create new pathways for artists and fans.
  • Offering experiences on-chain allows for transparency and easier brand-fan connections.
  • Blockchain-based ticketing, loyalty, and memberships have been on the rise.

The article highlights the positive impact of non-fungible token (NFT) rewards and blockchain technology on the relationship between artists and fans. It emphasizes the potential for improved fan experiences and rewards, as well as the seamless integration of blockchain technology through the EVNTZ app.

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