This Free-to-Mint Soulbound NFT Tracks Your Web3 Work History


28 Jun 2023 4:20 PM

Digital community platform Coordinape is rolling out CoSoul, which allows users to create a digital resume on-chain....

  • Coordinape, a digital community platform, is introducing CoSoul, a soulbound non-fungible token (NFT) that tracks a holder's work history within digitally-native organizations.
  • CoSoul NFT is free-to-mint on Ethereum layer 2 network Optimism and allows holders to collect participation data, accolades, and employment verification on-chain.
  • Soulbound NFTs are non-transferable and represent social identity in a decentralized society.
  • The CoSoul NFT updates monthly with new metrics and generative artwork based on a holder's activity.
  • Coordinape is also placing GIVE, its native token, contributions on-chain to enable DAO participants to reward other members for their community participation.
  • CoSoul helps publicly distinguish a member's commitment to a project by showcasing their DAO participation on-chain.
  • Coordinape aims to create a record of provable interactions between individuals, teams, and organizations within digital communities and digitally native organizations.
  • The platform has been working within Web3 workplaces for the past two years to introduce decentralized payment and management methods.
  • In August, Coordinape introduced CoVaults, smart contracts that allow DAOs to pay contributors with ERC-20 tokens.

The article highlights the introduction of CoSoul, a soulbound NFT, by Coordinape to track work history within digitally-native organizations. The sentiment is generally positive as it emphasizes the benefits of on-chain work history and the potential for more sovereign and provable collaborations.

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