Sotheby's to Launch On-Chain Generative Art Program Powered by Art Blocks Engine


28 Jun 2023 4:02 PM

The first sale on July 26 will honor generative art pioneer Vera Molnar, who is considered to be the first female digital artist....

  • Sotheby's is launching a generative art program called the Gen Art Program, which will highlight artists in the digital art field through fully on-chain sales.
  • The program will launch on July 26 and will feature two to three generative artists per year.
  • The first sale will honor Vera Molnar, a pioneer in generative art and considered the first female digital artist.
  • The program is powered by the Art Blocks Engine, a generative minting infrastructure solution.
  • Sales through the Gen Art Program will be fully on-chain and will use a Dutch auction format, starting at 20 ETH.
  • Sotheby's has been involved in the digital art community, hosting successful NFT sales from its GRAILS collection, which includes rare artworks seized from bankrupt crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital.
  • The auction house has generated around $11 million from GRAILS NFT sales, including a $6.2 million sale of Dimitri Cherniak's artwork "The Goose."

The sentiment of the article seems positive overall, highlighting the launch of Sotheby's Gen Art Program and the success of their NFT sales.

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