Wall Street Veteran Says Ripple IPO Is Coming, Here’s When


18 Nov 2023 11:00 AM

A Wall Street financial specialist has made a compelling case for Ripple’s IPO, predicting that the crypto payments provider would launch its IPO in the...

  • Wall Street financial specialist Linda P. Jones predicts that Ripple will launch its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the coming year.
  • Jones believes that Ripple's IPO could have a significant impact on the development of the Ripple ecosystem and the value of the XRP token.
  • She suggests that the most ideal time for the IPO launch would be around May 15, 2024, but if it doesn't happen then, it may be delayed until 2025.
  • Jones is optimistic about the success of the IPO, citing a positive market outlook in 2024.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, as it discusses the potential launch of Ripple's IPO and the optimistic views of Linda P. Jones regarding its success.

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