Vitalik Buterin's Mom's Blockchain Metis Kickstarts $5 Million DeFi Incentive Initiative


19 Sep 2023 5:00 PM

Metis, high-performance L2 blockchain on Ethereum (ETH), launches Metis Journey, massive program for DeFi enthusiasts...

  • Metis, a new-gen L2 scaling platform for Ethereum, has announced the launch of the Metis Journey incentive program.
  • The program aims to reward users of Metis-based dApps and attract new users to the platform.
  • The initiative starts with a collaboration with blue-chip DeFi protocol Aave v3, allocating 100,000 METIS tokens to reward liquidity providers.
  • Metis plans to run similar programs for other promising dApps in the future.
  • The team emphasizes the importance of this launch for the progress of the Metis ecosystem and the Ethereum L2 ecosystem as a whole.

The article highlights the positive aspects of the Metis Journey incentive program, emphasizing its potential to drive growth and innovation in the Metis ecosystem and the Ethereum L2 ecosystem. The tone is optimistic and enthusiastic.

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