VC Firm Paradigm Remains Interested in Crypto and AI


28 Jun 2023 8:05 PM

"We’ve never been more excited about crypto and we continue to invest," Huang said....

  • Paradigm, a venture capital firm, is highly committed to the cryptocurrency sector and continues to invest in it.
  • The company is involved in various activities such as making investments, leading fundraisers, publishing research, developing mechanisms, shipping open source projects, and advocating for good policy.
  • Paradigm is also interested in the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and believes that both crypto and AI have plenty of overlap and potential.
  • The firm has made significant investments in projects like Uniswap and was a financial backer of the EDX Markets cryptocurrency exchange.
  • However, Paradigm also faced losses due to its engagement with the now-bankrupt FTX exchange and was accused of popularizing the trading venue in a marketing campaign.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive, highlighting Paradigm's dedication to the cryptocurrency sector and its interest in AI. However, it also mentions the firm's losses and controversies related to the FTX exchange.

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