Unstoppable Domains and ENS Clash Over Blockchain Domain Patents


19 Nov 2023 5:15 PM

ENS lead developer demanded legal backing to Unstoppable Domains' promise to pledge their first patent to the Web3 Domain Alliance....

  • The lead developer of ENS, Nick Johnson, has demanded legal backing for Unstoppable Domains' pledge to donate their first patent to the Web3 Domain Alliance.
  • Unstoppable Domains is facing criticism for allegedly appropriating the open-source advancements of ENS through a patent filing.
  • Johnson expressed concerns about Unstoppable Domains' patent applications related to blockchain domain names, questioning their commitment to open source and open standards.
  • The debate centers around Unstoppable Domains' first patent, which Johnson claims is based entirely on innovations developed by ENS.
  • ENS stressed the importance of permissionless innovation and open standards in the Web3 ecosystem and urged Unstoppable Domains to make an unconditional and irrevocable patent pledge.
  • Unstoppable Domains' CEO, Matthew Gould, responded by inviting ENS to join the Web3 Domain Alliance and fostering a proactive discussion forum.
  • Unstoppable Domains and ENS are the two most prominent Web3 domain providers, with Unstoppable Domains recently extending support for .eth domains.

The article highlights a dispute between ENS and Unstoppable Domains regarding patents and open source principles. There is a sense of concern and frustration expressed by ENS, while Unstoppable Domains invites dialogue and collaboration.

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