U.S. court rejects SEC’s plea to inspect Binance U.S. documents


19 Sep 2023 2:00 AM

On 18 September, a U.S. court denied the SEC's request to look into Binance U.S. The crypto exchange stood firm on its stance calling the regulatory watchdog's request ...

  • The U.S. District Judge rejected the SEC's request for an inspection of Binance U.S. documents.
  • The request was related to access to documentation and communication with its custodial service providers.
  • Binance U.S. successfully held its stance against the SEC's plea.
  • The SEC claimed that the custody platform Ceffu was a Binance-related entity used to move U.S. customers' funds out of the country.
  • The court rejected the SEC's request but asked Binance U.S. to provide more documentation.


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