Trump NFTs Resurface With Fourth Of July Collection - Will It Sell?


30 Jun 2023 11:07 AM

Trump NFTs continue to make waves in the digital world as Melania Trump unveils her latest endeavor: "The 1776 Collection."...

  • Melania Trump has launched "The 1776 Collection," a unique NFT collection comprising 3,000 digital tokens, each showcasing one of seven distinctive designs.
  • The collection draws inspiration from iconic American landmarks and symbols of pride and heritage.
  • Each NFT is accompanied by a patriotic-themed music track.
  • The NFTs are priced at $50 per piece, with the aim of raising an estimated $150,000 for a worthy cause.
  • A percentage of the revenues will go to Fostering the Future, a project that supports educational opportunities for foster children.
  • Melania's previous NFTs sold out quickly and gained resale value.

The article portrays Melania Trump's launch of "The 1776 Collection" as a significant event in the digital world. It highlights the positive aspects of the collection, such as its inspiration from American landmarks and its aim to raise funds for a worthy cause. The sentiment is generally positive.

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