Toncoin’s Q3 recovery hits 100% – Are more gains likely?


18 Sep 2023 4:00 PM

TON has doubled its value in Q3 and could post extra gains if the Fed decision is favorable to bulls. ...

  • TON outperformed BTC on quarterly and weekly fronts, with TON rallying by 34.9% in the past week.
  • TON was up +70% in Q3 2023, while BTC was down 12% over the same period.
  • The next crucial target for TON is $2.9, and a favorable Fed decision could drive an extra rally.
  • The RSI indicates a potential reversal, but a favorable Fed decision could drive more buying pressure.
  • Futures market data shows a bullish sentiment, with over 50% long positions on daily charts since September 13.
  • The positive Open Interest rates and Accumulative Swing Index further support the bullish sentiment in the Futures market.

The article presents a bullish sentiment for TON, with positive performance compared to BTC and potential for further gains in the short term. The analysis also highlights the importance of the upcoming Fed decision and its potential impact on TON's price.

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