These Are This Week's Top Performers as Bitcoin Price Maintains $36K (Weekend Watch)


19 Nov 2023 8:34 AM

DOGE is among the few altcoins in the red from the larger-cap digital assets....

  • DOGE is one of the few altcoins experiencing a decline in value among larger-cap digital assets.
  • Bitcoin's price has remained relatively stable around $36,500 over the weekend.
  • Several altcoins, including SOL, ADA, LINK, have outperformed BTC with significant daily gains.
  • BTC experienced volatility earlier in the week, dropping to a weekly low of $35,000 before quickly reversing its trajectory.
  • BTC challenged the $38,000 level for the second time but was unable to breach the resistance.
  • The market capitalization of BTC has recovered and now stands at $715 billion.
  • The dominance of BTC over altcoins has decreased to under 51.5% on CMC.
  • Solana's native token, SOL, experienced a double-digit decline but has since recovered by 7.5%.
  • ADA, LINK, MATIC, AVAX, DOT, and TON have also seen gains.
  • DOGE is the only larger-cap altcoin with a notable 5% daily decline.
  • TIA, KAS, Render, GNO, and AVAX are the top gainers on a weekly scale.

The article provides a mix of positive and negative sentiment. Positive sentiment is reflected in the stable price movements of Bitcoin and the gains made by several altcoins. However, there is negative sentiment surrounding DOGE, which has experienced a decline in value.

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