Worldcoin’s Digital Identity Protocol Goes Live Alongside GPT-4 - The Defiant

Owen Fernau

15 Mar 2023 11:20 PM

As Altman-backed OpenAI progresses, so does the tech titan's identity venture...

  • OpenAI released a new version of its AI-powered chatbot, GPT-4, which replaces human functions with robots.
  • Worldcoin launched World ID, a protocol that aims to provide tools for developers to prove that there is a real person behind a digital action.
  • World ID runs on Ethereum and stands to potentially give developers working in crypto a new way to establish whether there is a real person behind a transaction.
  • Worldcoin is producing a Software Development Kit (SDK), which will allow developers to build applications using the protocol.
  • Worldcoin's flagship way of establishing personhood is by allowing a battery-powered piece of hardware called the "Orb" to scan a user's iris.
  • The most straightforward use of a World ID is to sign into applications.
  • AI's rapid development highlights digital identity's importance as the technology stands to make it easy to automate and replicate digital actions.

The article discusses the progress of OpenAI and Worldcoin in the field of digital identity and blockchain technology. The tone is informative and neutral.

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