Thailand Plans to Tax Overseas Income From Crypto Traders 


19 Sep 2023 6:45 AM

Thailand plans to tax overseas income from stock and crypto traders, aiming to fund its economic stimulus measures....

  • Thailand is planning to tax foreign income from crypto traders as part of its efforts to pay for economic stimulus measures.
  • The tax will target Thais and foreign nationals living in Thailand for more than 180 days per year.
  • Traders earning overseas income from work or assets will be subject to personal income tax.
  • The tax policy may also affect retired expats living in Thailand with pension income from abroad.
  • Financial experts warn that the tax may alienate private bankers and financial institutions.
  • The tax proposal comes after Thailand's flip-flopping on a 15% crypto tax proposal earlier this year.
  • The government plans to implement a 10,000 THB airdrop to eligible citizens using blockchain digital wallets.

The sentiment of the article is mostly negative, as it highlights potential concerns and challenges related to the new tax policy and its impact on various stakeholders.

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