Thailand Authorities Nab 5 Individuals for $76 Million Crypto Scam: Report


17 Sep 2023 4:33 AM

The fraudulent scheme duped over 3,000 investors into pouring their money into gold and USDT....

  • Four Chinese nationals and one from Laos have been arrested in Thailand in connection with a fraudulent crypto investment platform.
  • The scheme duped over 3,000 investors into investing their money into gold and USDT.
  • The fraudsters operated under the name BCH Global Ltd., posing as a Bitcoin investment platform.
  • They swindled over 2.7 billion Baht (approximately $76 million) from local investors.
  • The arrested individuals have been charged with conspiring to commit transnational crimes, engaging in public fraud, and participating in money laundering activities.

The article describes a fraudulent scheme that resulted in the arrest of individuals involved in a crypto investment platform. The sentiment is negative due to the criminal activities and the financial losses suffered by investors.

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How many investors were duped by the fraudulent scheme?What was the total amount of money swindled from local investors?What charges have been filed against the arrested individuals?What was the fraudulent platform posing as?In which country did the arrests take place?

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