Sam Altman's Worldcoin Integrates With Identity Management Software Okta as It Pushes Into Germany


29 Jun 2023 8:00 AM

World ID, which uses biometric data to verify users, helps apps distinguish people from bots and is more private than alternatives like Google sign-in....

  • Worldcoin, the blockchain identity project founded by the duo behind OpenAI, has integrated with Okta and is launching its identity protocol, World ID, in Germany.
  • World ID verification will be available in Germany, allowing users to get fully verified using custom-designed hardware called Orbs, which employ biometric data.
  • Okta, an identity and access management software provider, has added a "Sign in with Worldcoin" option to its Auth0 marketplace, allowing developers to adopt it as a sign-in option on their apps.
  • World ID uses zero-knowledge proofs and biometrics to verify an individual's identity, with users having their irises scanned at Orbs to create unique cryptographic IDs.
  • The Orbs process biometric data in near real-time, with the resulting digital key stored on users' devices. Data retention is optional and encrypted, with users having control over permission.

The article highlights the integration of Worldcoin's identity protocol with Okta, enabling identity verification using biometric data. The tone of the article is informative and positive, emphasizing the convenience and privacy features of World ID.

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