Taurus Targets Tokenized Real Estate Market With Dubai Office


17 Nov 2023 2:29 PM

As tokenization gathers traction globally, Taurus intends to build a position in the housing sector of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Taurus Targets...

  • Taurus, a Swiss cryptocurrency startup, has opened a new office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to capitalize on the growing interest in tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) and the expected growth of Dubai's real estate sector.
  • Experts predict that Dubai's housing market will expand by 15% by 2024.
  • Taurus sees the UAE as an ideal region for tokenization due to the influx of foreign investment and transparent crypto legislation.
  • The company aims to leverage emerging digital asset trends and deliver cutting-edge and compliant solutions to the market.
  • Tokenization and RWAs on blockchain ledgers have gained interest during a cryptocurrency price rally, with the overall RWA market cap surpassing $1 billion.
  • Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, expects tokenization to play a significant role in the digital asset market by 2025.
  • Established financial institutions like JPMorgan have also embraced tokenization and collaborated on blockchain projects with Singaporean authorities.

The article highlights the positive outlook for Taurus as it expands its presence in the UAE and positions itself to benefit from the growing interest in tokenization and the real estate sector. The overall sentiment is optimistic.

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