Stellar (XLM) Outshines XRP, Here Is Likely Reason


30 Jun 2023 4:00 PM

Stellar has seen 23% growth in past week to surpass 4% XRP has garnered...

  • Stellar (XLM) has outperformed its closest rival, XRP, in terms of price gains over the past seven days.
  • Stellar is currently priced at $0.1074 with a 6.73% growth in the past 24 hours, while XRP has seen a 1.22% price slip to $0.4643.
  • In the week-to-date period, Stellar has experienced 23% growth compared to XRP's 4.72% growth.
  • The ongoing lawsuit regarding the status of XRP as a security has hindered its price stability, while Stellar has shown stability and consistent growth.
  • Stellar has been focusing on improving its functionality, with the recent Protocol 20 Upgrade aimed at enhancing transaction submissions and overall efficiency.

The article highlights the outperformance of Stellar (XLM) compared to XRP, attributing it to Stellar's stability and recent efforts to improve its functionality. The sentiment is positive towards Stellar's growth and potential.

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