Raise, Race and Glory with Derby Stars: The Blockbuster Horse Racing Game You've Been Waiting For


29 Jun 2023 1:19 PM

Bridging the gap between high-octane gaming and Web3, Derby Stars offers a high-quality virtual horse breeding and racing title for everyone....

  • Derby Stars is a new NFT-powered horse racing game that offers superior graphics, free-to-play gameplay, strategic systems, and earning potential.
  • Players can own, raise, train, race, and breed horses within the game, with the value and prestige of their horses increasing as they win more games.
  • The game requires strategic breeding and training of horses, with the training process and results stored on the blockchain.
  • The in-game currency consists of two tokens: $RUN (governance token) and $CRT (utility token).
  • New users can rent NFTs from existing players for free, but anything won with a loaned horse must be shared with the lender.
  • Derby Stars is powered by Polygon Blockchain and optimized for native gaming, with a mobile version expected to launch in Q4.
  • The game has impressive graphics resources and aims to build a thriving ecosystem based on community feedback.

The article portrays Derby Stars as an innovative and promising NFT-powered horse racing game with impressive graphics and strategic gameplay. It highlights the game's potential to attract both beginners and experienced players, as well as its focus on community engagement and feedback.

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