Siu’s Proposal for ApeCoin: Sister DAO, NFT Treasury


18 Sep 2023 10:32 AM

Yat Siu, the founder of Animoca Brands, a leading blockchain gaming company, has recently launched an ambitious proposal, AIP-297, aimed...

  • Yat Siu, founder of Animoca Brands, has launched AIP-297, a proposal to expand ApeCoin's horizons.
  • AIP-297 introduces the concept of a Sister DAO and an NFT community treasury.
  • The proposal has garnered 76% support so far.
  • The Sister DAO will oversee the allocation of 750,000 APE tokens to an NFT treasury for the acquisition of intellectual property represented by NFTs.
  • The acquired NFTs will be stored in a community-governed vault, with decisions made by Sister DAO members.
  • The IP will be accessible to $APE holders, potentially leading to grants in $APE for its utilization.
  • A Committee will determine the initial deployment of $APE for NFT acquisition.
  • AIP-297 aims to position ApeCoin as a leader in the web3 economy and the open metaverse.
  • The Sister DAO will be accessible to all ApeCoin DAO members with ownership of just 1 $APE token as the requirement.
  • The community-run vault will acquire and empower the use of NFTs from various collections within the web3 landscape.
  • AIP-297 is currently under discussion on the ApeCoin Forum, and the voting period will start on October 25, 2023.

The article portrays the launch of AIP-297 as an ambitious proposal that has garnered overwhelming support. It highlights the potential benefits for ApeCoin and other web3 projects, positioning ApeCoin as a leader in the web3 economy and the open metaverse. The sentiment is positive overall.

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