Shibarium-Based SHIB Burns: New Mega-Important Upgrade Revealed


19 Sep 2023 2:31 PM

How many SHIB has been burned through Shibarium? SHIB users can keep track of it now thanks to this new upgrade...

  • Shibburn, a platform that tracks SHIB burn transactions on Etherscan, is introducing a new tracker on Shibarium.
  • The new tracker allows users to check how many crypto for SHIB burns Shibarium has accumulated.
  • The page also displays the number of transactions needed for the first Shibarium-powered SHIB burn based on gas fees and BONE token value.
  • Shibburn is using a node from NowNodes to calculate the accurate amount of BONE required for the first burn.
  • Currently, 0.000007503367 BONE has been accumulated on Shibarium.
  • The SHIB army has burned 72,819,987 Shiba Inu coins in the past 24 hours, increasing the burn rate by 138.67%.
  • Last week, the SHIB army burned 530 million Shiba Inu meme coins.

The article provides positive news about the new upgrade on Shibarium, the increasing burn rate of SHIB tokens, and the impressive burn achievements of the SHIB army.

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