Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Scores Victory, Cøbra Appeal Denied


19 Sep 2023 2:15 PM

Pseudonymous developer Cøbra sees his appeal denied by UK High Court but refuses to uncover his identity...

  • Craig Steven Wright, self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, has won a court order against pseudonymous developer Cobra Bitcoin.
  • is now forbidden from offering the Bitcoin whitepaper and software to U.K. citizens.
  • Cobra Bitcoin must pay $640,000 in legal bills to Craig Steven Wright.
  • The U.K. High Court judge denied Cobra's appeal, stating that anonymous participation violates the rules of justice.
  • This decision has been criticized by blockchain veterans worldwide.
  • Craig Steven Wright insists he is the author and copyright holder of the Bitcoin whitepaper.
  • Bitcoin enthusiasts on social media have called this decision "insane" and a threat to the cryptocurrency segment.
  • Craig Steven Wright may still face civil sanctions for incomplete financial disclosure.

The sentiment in this article is negative, as the decision by the U.K. High Court is criticized and seen as a threat to the cryptocurrency segment.

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