SEC Chair Gensler Should Recuse Himself From Crypto Enforcement: Lawyers


30 Jun 2023 3:44 AM

The crypto attorney said that SEC chair Gary Gensler has “wrongly prejudged that all digital assets are securities.”...

  • Crypto lawyers and industry advocates are pressuring SEC Chair Gary Gensler to recuse himself as the arbiter and judge over digital asset enforcement actions.
  • They argue that Gensler has wrongly prejudged that all digital assets are securities and therefore should recuse himself from enforcement decisions.
  • They claim that Gensler's actions have resulted in millions in legal fees and losses for investors.
  • They argue that Gensler has voted on unlawful enforcement actions and should be disqualified from voting on future actions.
  • Some industry observers believe that the SEC's crackdown on crypto companies is paving the way for Traditional Finance to take over the sector.

The sentiment of the article is negative towards SEC Chair Gary Gensler and his actions regarding digital asset enforcement. The article criticizes Gensler for prejudging digital assets as securities and argues that his actions have had negative consequences for the crypto industry and investors.

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