Scorpion Casino's Ecosystem: Beyond Gaming Into Passive Income With $1.75 Million Raised |


19 Nov 2023 1:47 PM

The Scorpion Casino presale has officially raised over $1.75 million in fundraising as investors rush to the passive income potential....

  • The Scorpion Casino presale has raised over $1.75 million in fundraising.
  • Investors are rushing to get positioned early due to the passive income potential and deflationary mechanism.
  • The project aims to become the leading social gambling platform, offering a revenue-sharing model and consistent passive income for $SCORP holders.
  • The project has created an ecosystem that combines passive income with deflation, leading to long-term value appreciation.
  • The team plans to use a portion of daily revenues to buy back $SCORP tokens and distribute them to stakers, while the other half is burned to reduce supply.
  • Investors believe the project has 100x potential due to its partnership with a high-profile incubator and the release of a professional-grade gambling platform.

The sentiment of the article is positive overall, with investors rushing to the Scorpion Casino presale and believing in its potential for high returns. The project's revenue-sharing model and deflationary mechanism are seen as innovative and promising.

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