Sam Altman removed as OpenAI CEO


17 Nov 2023 9:40 PM

Mira Murati will take the helm as interim CEO of OpenAI after Sam Altman's ouster over trust issues with the board....

  • OpenAI has announced a leadership shift, with Mira Murati becoming the interim CEO after the departure of Sam Altman.
  • Altman's departure was due to a lack of consistent communication with the board, leading to a loss of confidence in his leadership.
  • Murati, who has been with OpenAI for five years, is praised for her understanding of the company's values and her leadership in research, product, and safety functions.
  • The board has expressed confidence in Murati's abilities and will begin a formal search for a permanent CEO.
  • Greg Brockman, co-founder of OpenAI, will step down as chairman of the board but remain associated with the company.

The article presents a significant leadership shift at OpenAI, with Mira Murati becoming the interim CEO. The sentiment is neutral, providing factual information about the change and highlighting Murati's qualifications and the board's confidence in her abilities.

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