Ripple CEO Reaffirms Focus on Utility Despite US 'Permafrost'


28 Jun 2023 11:22 AM

Ripple's CEO reaffirms the hostile regulatory climate in the US, while also arguing that the industry has refocused on fundamentals....

  • Ripple's CEO acknowledges the challenging regulatory environment in the US.
  • He argues that the cryptocurrency industry has shifted its focus to building fundamental infrastructure.
  • The Point Zero Forum, organized by the Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance and Elevandi, is promoting policy and technological dialogue in financial services.
  • The CEO believes that despite regulatory challenges in the US, the industry has been building for utility and fundamental infrastructure.

The sentiment of the article is mixed. While the CEO acknowledges the hostile regulatory climate in the US, he also highlights the industry's refocus on building fundamental infrastructure, indicating a positive outlook.

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