What Is Web3? A Decentralized Internet Via Blockchain Technology - Decrypt


27 Jun 2023 7:36 PM

Web3 embraces the crypto ethos and is designed to be permissionless (no centralized gatekeepers), trustless (no need to place trust in a third party), and open to all (little-to-no censorship of individuals/ideas)....

  • Web3 is the next evolution of the internet, incorporating decentralization via blockchain technology.
  • Web1 (early internet) was static and non-interactive, while Web2 (current internet) is interactive and allows users to create and interact with content.
  • Web3 is designed to be more transparent and censorship-resistant, putting users in control of their own data.
  • Web3 is permissionless, trustless, and open to all.

The article has a positive sentiment towards Web3, highlighting its potential to revolutionize the internet and improve data privacy.

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