Reclusive Binance co-founder Yi He speaks on SEC case


28 Jun 2023 8:32 PM

Yi He, one of Binance's most private executives, has broken her silence on the company's status in an interview published by Bloomberg on June 28....

  • Binance's co-founder and CMO, Yi He, discussed the company's regulatory standing and challenges.
  • She emphasized that Binance respects regulators and believes regulations are inevitable globally.
  • Yi He leads the team that decides which crypto tokens Binance lists, and she oversees Binance Labs, institutional client business, and acquisitions.
  • Bloomberg noted the close relationship between Yi He and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, but she clarified that they lead separate parts of the company.
  • The SEC filed charges against Binance, and Yi He was named as one person involved in a process that allowed U.S. users to bypass exchange restrictions.
  • Yi He did not comment on allegations of market manipulation or misuse of user funds.
  • She mentioned that her limited English has prevented her from acting as a major public representative for Binance.

The article provides information about Binance's regulatory standing, Yi He's role in the company, and the SEC charges. It also highlights the potential impact on Yi He's wealth and her limited English proficiency. The sentiment is neutral overall.

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