Rarible and Mantle Launch Mintle — A New Marketplace Destination for Trading Mantle-Powered NFTs

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

19 Sep 2023 10:40 AM

Rarible, one of the OG NFT marketplaces in web3, is announcing its integration with Mantle to create an unparalleled secondary NFT....

  • Rarible is integrating with Mantle to create a secondary NFT marketplace called Mintle.
  • Rarible has supported over $27 million in NFTs traded across multiple blockchains.
  • Mintle will be powered by Rarible's tech stack and Mantle's high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) modular layer-2 (L2) blockchain.
  • Trading NFTs on Mintle will be fast, easy, and cost-efficient.
  • Mintle is built with the open-source Rarible Protocol and will be a community-powered marketplace.
  • Creators and projects on Mantle Network can apply to be featured on the Mintle marketplace.
  • The launch of Mintle will bring Rarible's marketplace experience to a wider audience.
  • The Citizens of Mantle NFT collection will launch alongside the Mintle marketplace.

The article expresses excitement and optimism about the integration between Rarible and Mantle, highlighting the benefits it will bring to NFT trading and the growth of the Mantle ecosystem.

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