Public Sharply Divided on Value Crypto Brings to the Internet, Poll Finds


27 Jun 2023 11:30 PM

According to a new YouGov poll of over 15,000 people, only half see cryptocurrencies as a positive thing for the internet. And scams abound....

  • A study by YouGov and Consensys found that only about half of respondents think crypto adds value to the internet.
  • Many people still associate crypto with scams, especially when offered online.
  • The study reached out to 15,158 individuals in 15 countries, aged 18 to 65.
  • Over 92% of respondents are aware of crypto, but only one-third believe in its potential as the future of money.
  • Negative aspects of crypto's online accessibility were associated with scams and speculation by a significant number of respondents.
  • There is a widening gap between richer and middle economies in terms of associating crypto with the future of money.
  • Terms like Web3 are not well understood by respondents, but concepts like Metaverse and NFTs fared slightly better.
  • There is optimism that the decentralized web can appeal to those skeptical of the current internet model.
  • A majority of respondents across all age groups expressed a desire for more control over their internet identity and emphasized the importance of data privacy.
  • Not everyone believes that blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer ready-made solutions.

The sentiment of the article is mostly negative, highlighting concerns and skepticism surrounding crypto's value and association with scams.

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