Proton Mail Tests Blockchain Tool to Verify Email Addresses


17 Nov 2023 10:18 PM

Users will be able to use blockchain technology to validate email addresses with a new feature created by Proton Mail. Proton Mail Tests Blockchain Tool...

  • Proton Mail, a Swiss end-to-end email provider focused on encryption, is piloting a new blockchain-based feature to verify email addresses.
  • The Key Transparency product aims to prevent "man-in-the-middle" attacks by ensuring trusted and unchanging verification.
  • The feature automatically matches users' public keys with intended recipients to ensure emails reach the correct person.
  • Proton's private blockchain network is currently running the feature in beta, with the possibility of transferring it to a public blockchain in the future.
  • Proton Mail has been holding Bitcoin on its balance sheet since 2017 and continues to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The article highlights a positive development in email security with the use of blockchain technology. The implementation of the Key Transparency feature by Proton Mail aims to enhance email address verification and prevent cyberattacks. The sentiment is generally optimistic about the potential benefits of this new feature.

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