Pro-Bitcoin Javier Milei Becomes New President of Argentina


20 Nov 2023 4:20 AM

Amidst soaring inflation and economic crisis, Milei's victory brings hope for a Bitcoin-friendly future in Argentina....

  • Javier Milei, a far-right libertarian outsider, has won the presidential election in Argentina.
  • Milei is pro-Bitcoin and anti-central banks, which has been praised by the crypto community.
  • The election comes at a difficult time for Argentina, with soaring inflation and an economic crisis.
  • Provisional results show Milei with nearly 56% of the vote, while his rival, economy minister Sergio Massa, has conceded.
  • Former US President Donald Trump and MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor congratulated Milei on his victory.
  • Milei has called for the reconstruction of Argentina and a return to its place in the world.
  • Inflation in Argentina is currently at 142.7%, and Bitcoin prices have surged against the local currency.

The sentiment in the article is mostly positive, with praise for Milei's pro-Bitcoin stance and hopes for the reconstruction of Argentina. However, there is also mention of the difficult economic situation in the country.

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