XRP Price Loses Momentum! Is A Correction Of 20% underway?


30 Nov 2023 7:23 AM

Despite the top cryptocurrencies recording new yearly highs, Ripple’s XRP token continues its struggle at its key resistance level at $0.640...

  • Ripple's XRP token is struggling to break out of its key resistance level at $0.6404.
  • The token faced repeated rejection at that range, indicating a strong liquidation point.
  • After trading in a narrow space, the price gained momentum and broke out, recording an 8% jump.
  • The XRP bulls then broke multiple resistance levels, adding 17% in value.
  • However, the price lost momentum and started trading under a bearish influence, in a descending channel pattern.
  • The price has been consolidating between $0.5962 and $0.6404 for over two weeks, indicating weak buying and selling pressure.
  • The MACD displays a neutral trend, suggesting uncertainty in future price action.
  • If the bulls push the price above $0.6177, the XRP price could test its upper resistance levels.
  • Conversely, if the bears dominate, the price could fall to test its support levels.
  • A trend reversal could lead to a significant correction in value.

The sentiment of the article is mostly neutral, with some indications of bearish influence and uncertainty in the future price action.

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