Worldcoin Price Rebounds! Will WLD Price Hit $3 Soon?


20 Nov 2023 10:39 AM

Over the weekend, Worldcoin gained significant market attention as the price regained momentum and successfully leveled out all its losses...

  • Sam Altman's departure from Open AI as CEO caused massive price volatility for Worldcoin (WLD), with a 20% plunge in value.
  • However, the price regained momentum and leveled out its losses after news of Altman signing with Microsoft as Lead for their new in-house AI team.
  • The price traded in a consolidated range between $1.753 and $1.930 before breaking out but being rejected at $2.60, leading to significant price fluctuations.
  • The RSI chart indicates ongoing price action and a bullish influence, with the price close to the overbought range.
  • If the bulls push the coin above the resistance level of $2.600, the price may test its upper resistance levels of $2.80 and $3.
  • Conversely, if there is another price plunge, the coin may fall to test its support levels of $2.260 and $2.046.

The article discusses the price volatility of Worldcoin following Sam Altman's departure from Open AI as CEO. It highlights both positive and negative aspects, such as the price leveling out after Altman's signing with Microsoft but also experiencing significant fluctuations. The sentiment is mixed, with a focus on potential bullish influence.

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