GRT Price Runs For $0.20 With A Golden Cross & Breakout!


20 Nov 2023 5:27 AM

Following the pullback due to the mystery announcement of a new roadmap on November 7th, the Graph token takes a short breather phase. The GRT price...

  • The GRT price experienced a 7.79% overnight jump, indicating the potential for a bull run.
  • The Graph token price chart shows a golden crossover, suggesting a bullish trend reversal.
  • A double bottom reversal pattern indicates a continuation of the uptrend in GRT price to $0.20.
  • The GRT price consolidated between $0.12-$0.14 after a pullback due to a new roadmap announcement.
  • The intraday trading volume supports the GRT price trend, with declining volume indicating sellers failing to gain traction.
  • The GRT price currently trades at $0.1375 and teases a bullish trend continuation.
  • Technical indicators, such as the golden crossover and RSI, suggest a potential uptrend.

The article has an overall positive sentiment, highlighting the potential for a bullish trend in the GRT price. It mentions positive factors such as the golden crossover, double bottom reversal pattern, and improving sentiments around the Graph token.

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