Ethereum Gloden Cross on the Horizon: Be Prepared for a Rally Above $2400


18 Nov 2023 1:59 PM

Ethereum price consolidates just below $2000, signalling a fine rise to be fast approaching very soon. The constant rejection at the same levels has offered the crypto a huge momentum, which may pave the way for the second-largest crypto to reclaim positions above $2400...

  • Ethereum price is consolidating just below $2000, indicating a potential rise in the near future.
  • The constant rejection at the same levels has given Ethereum momentum to reclaim positions above $2400.
  • Ethereum is struggling to clear the April 2023 highs and is facing resistance.
  • The price has been maintaining a descending trend, but there is a possibility of a fresh upswing.
  • The "Golden Cross" is expected to occur, which could have a short-term bullish impact on the price.
  • The price is believed to regain levels above $2100, but the trend remains bearish in the longer term.
  • The RSI suggests the price is under bearish influence.
  • Some predict a crash similar to March 2020, while others believe the price may drop below $1000.
  • In the short term, Ethereum is expected to rise above $2000 and reach new highs for 2023.

The sentiment of the article is mixed. It highlights the potential for a rise in Ethereum price in the short term due to the "Golden Cross," but also mentions the bearish trend in the longer term and the possibility of a crash.

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